I want another.

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I want another guitar. After seeing and hearing the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster I want one in Natural (or if I win the lottery in the next couple of weeks, the Koa).



  • LesterLester Posts: 1,705Member, Moderator
    You first, Jocko, we're waiting! And if you do buy, remember my advice regarding Andertons and the need to go there in person to check the guitar you are buying; do not buy a guitar by mail order from Andertons.
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    No, I wouldn't buy a guitar mail order. There is a great local shop, Kenny's Music, where I would buy (previously bought my Larrivée there). They currently have the Acoustasonic Stratocaster in stock but would happily get the Telecaster version in for me.
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    I have seen the Fender promotional videos for both models and, to be honest, I am not persuaded that they can sound like electric guitars and the acoustic sound doesn't seem very impressive - but when you consider the extent that acoustic guitars manufacturers go to to get marvelous and balanced sound it is not surprising.

    Somehow I feel it would be stupid to write these off as a misadventure by Fender in a similar fashion to Gisbon's misadventure with the Firebird X. I have a sneaking suspicion that, akin to the improvements in solid state amplification moving ever closer to imitating Valve amps, the Fender Acoustatronics may well evolve into an impressive-sounding line of guitars, perhaps more though the electronics than acoustically but hopefully I am either mistaken on the acoustic sound or it maybe it too will evolve.

    Jocko, tell us when you have had a play on one in person; I would like to know what you think above my thoughts on compressed, low quality YouTube audio coming through my headphones.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 998Member
    I’ve seen the Fender videos too. If the promo videos can’t convince you to buy one, what hope has any other demo got? You’d expect them to tweak it to death and make you swear you’re listening to David Gilmour playing a 54 Strat AND a Martin D28. To me it sounded like a washboard. I’ve heard better tones from piezo equipped Strat bridges.
    I also can’t get over the price.
    For some reason, Ed O Brien is using one on his solo gigs. So there must be something there that I’m not hearing.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I listened to the video I posted above, on my Denon headphones, and thought it sounded amazing.
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    I hope it is amazing in the flesh (or wood) and that it as good as you could dream for, Jocko.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    My wife has finished her chemo so hopefully, I will get up to Kenny's Music before she starts her radiotherapy on the 23rd.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Went and tried out the Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster (I know it is the Tele I want but they only have the Strat in stock), before I am forced to spend my 12 weeks over 70s confinement. It sounded amazing. The electric sound is a bit lacking but the rest is brilliant. I was playing it through a Fender Acoustic 100. I then tried it through a Marshall Origin50C. The electric sound went up but the acoustic sound was not what I wanted.
    As I seldom play live I have no intention of buying an acoustic amp (I play through a Marshall Class 5) so that pretty well kyboshed the whole affair.
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    I am sorry that it is not the dream guitar you thought it might be but I guess it is good to know that you tried it and you made your own decision.

    What was it about the Acoustasonic Tele that got you interested? The Tele shape or it being a slim acoustic or an electric and electro-acoustic combined?
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I love Teles and the idea of an acoustic Tele just caught my imagination. I have said it before. I need another guitar like a hole in the head.
  • Pete_BPete_B Posts: 563Member
    I bought a Variax, can do all that stuff and more except the microphone.
    There is no Mojo!
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I have never tried the Variax. Like the videos, I have seen though. My brother had one on loan from one of his bandmates but he didn't like it. It was one of the early ones. I believe they have improved somewhat.
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    Pete, just what I was thinking. I’d played a couple and really liked them. Some people like the sound but not the disconnect between what you hear and what you’re holding. You expect an acoustic to feel like one, particularly the strings. As long as you can get over that and enjoy the sounds, the Variax is great. I came really close to buying this, but couldn’t justify the convenience when I have other guitars that do similar things. If I was touring, I’d use this in a heartbeat.

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