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  • Brilliant. One of my favourite pieces of music. I have Brother Bones and His Shadows (Harlem Globe Trotter version) and a Joe Wilder version on my iPod.
  • I do feel for Jocko, is there any way you could get on a delivery list ? I'm part of a group delivering to the vulnerable in my area and keeping in telephone contact. My wife has been put on the NHS Scotland "Vulnerable" list so the Scottish gove…
  • Looks great. The maple ones we got for the Funkmaster look great and sound even better.
  • The official advice for my wife and I, though we live together, is, because she is vulnerable, to stay 2 metres apart. My brother and his wife live 40 miles apart. He has a house near here and she has a house on the other side of the country where s…
  • My wife and I are supposed to keep 2 metres apart even though we live together. It is part of the advice for "Vulnerables". My wife says no. We are not sleeping apart. I just have to go along with her wishes.
  • My wife got a letter from NHS Scotland confirming her "Vulnerability" status and they are going to send us food (free of charge) which should start in the next couple of weeks, so that should make things a bit less stressful. She starts her Radiothe…
  • Wife and I are just trying to get by. Shouldn't be out but I have to to get food. Other half is still undergoing treatment for cancer and I am sh*teing myself one of us goes sick.
  • An option I would consider is a fret saw. Quicker than a file, cheaper than a router.
  • The idea is they replace string trees on a headstock with no angle,
  • I was under the impression the shorter the tuner the thinner the string.
  • I have never tried the Variax. Like the videos, I have seen though. My brother had one on loan from one of his bandmates but he didn't like it. It was one of the early ones. I believe they have improved somewhat.
  • Brilliant. Just when we need something to give us a laugh.
    in Don't Be Cruel Comment by Jocko March 29
  • I love Teles and the idea of an acoustic Tele just caught my imagination. I have said it before. I need another guitar like a hole in the head.
  • Went and tried out the Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster (I know it is the Tele I want but they only have the Strat in stock), before I am forced to spend my 12 weeks over 70s confinement. It sounded amazing. The electric sound is a bit lacking but t…
  • My wife has finished her chemo so hopefully, I will get up to Kenny's Music before she starts her radiotherapy on the 23rd.
  • I listened to the video I posted above, on my Denon headphones, and thought it sounded amazing.
  • No, I wouldn't buy a guitar mail order. There is a great local shop, Kenny's Music, where I would buy (previously bought my Larrivée there). They currently have the Acoustasonic Stratocaster in stock but would happily get the Telecaster version in f…
    in I want another. Comment by Jocko March 8
  • I love the Steinberger Gearless Tuners. Pricey but very accurate and easy to change strings.
  • Nicely done.
  • Never had a guitar with the old Fender style tuners.
  • That's how I string my guitars, without locking tuners. Never had any slippage. With locking tuners, I just pass the strings through, lock them off, then cut the strings close to the tuners.
  • My grandson, Liam, has taken on his first setup. His mate has an Epi Firebird which was a bit of a handful to play so he offered to do the work for the lad. He brought the guitar this afternoon (I have the tools he needed) and I watched as he did t…
  • Once I can get my grandson's new build back we will set the nut relief on that.I am getting it back this Sunday.
  • My nut files have been a great investment, both for my own and the myriad of friends and family guitars I have set up. Once I can get my grandson's new build back we will set the nut relief on that.
  • Got a txt from my grandson this morning and I quote: "Absolutely loving the guitar, sounds amazing with my pedals. Plays metal like a monster which I didn't expect at all, the pickups are very hot on gain but smooth for cleans. Absolute perfection!"…
  • Finish building the guitar today. Missed the postie with the pups on Hogmany so had to wait until today to pick them up. There was £20 to pay for VAT and Post Office handling charges. My grandson came over this afternoon and we bashed on with the bu…
  • Beautiful guitar.
    in NGD! Comment by Jocko December 2019
  • Well, that's the neck complete and fitted to the body, Pups will be dispatched from the US on the 19th, so I imagine we will see them in the new year.
  • That's the logo sealed on the headstock, so tomorrow we will fit the tuners then fit the neck to the body. The pups won't arrive this year so that will pretty much be us until they do.
  • He couldn't get a gold neck pickup in the wind he wanted so after much research picked those.