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July 3, 1948


  • Think that is me finished with the back. About time to start the Tru-oil.
  • Just ordered "Chernobyl" on DVD (I don't have Sky). It is out on the 8th July, just a few days after my birthday, so a late gift from my missus.
  • "Years and Years", on BBC, is turning out an excellent drama.
  • Why Ghastly Astley?
  • Not my choice of colour, but it is coming along!
  • Almost there with the staining on the front. Still wet bits when this was taken.
  • This is an artists impression on where we are heading with the new build. What actually happens once Liam gets properly involved is anyone's guess. He works away all week, and as a young man with a girl on his arm doesn't have a lot of spare tim…
  • Nice guitar. I have a thing for Teles.
  • Been practising with Crimson Guitar's "Stunning Stains". Biggest problem is getting a durable paper towel to apply the stuff. Going to lash out and by some "Plenty".
  • As promised. Here are the photographs of the body, as delivered. The front is Flame Maple laminate. The main-part of the body is two piece Swamp Ash.
  • Body arrived today. It is gorgeous. Beautifully finished. The Swamp Ash base is extremely well figured. The Flame Maple is very pale but quite well marked. They supplied four test pieces for colour testing. We have blue and purple stain. I had thoug…
  • So sad to hear Lester. I will pray for you.
  • I have an 85 Gordon-Smith, which I seldom play. Action is nice, and the thin neck has a lovely feel. I do like the coil tap options.
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko May 2019
  • Stain arrived today. The body should ship within the fortnight.
  • Liam has pretty well settled on the configuration for the guitar he wants us to build. He is going for a Telemaster body. He has ordered a two piece Swamp Ash body with a Flame Maple laminate top, from . He has decided he …
  • They are Steinberger, but unfortunately they have been discontinued.
    in [No longer]WTB Comment by Jocko May 2019
  • These guitars are awesome. I would love one. My first home build used gearless tuners (albeit on a conventional headstock) and I swear by them. They give tremendous tuning accuracy. Fan frets are great. My grandson bought a 7 string fan fret guitar …
    in [No longer]WTB Comment by Jocko May 2019
  • Once I got to grip with the Floyd Rose I found it easy to work with. As a tremolo system it is better than those on the Strat and such. The fact you have to cut the ball end off the strings is a worry and getting the strings to grip was a bit hit or…
  • Starter guitars are great for learning the skills as you can buy a battered Squier for £30, take it entirely to pieces, rebuild it, set it up and if at the end of the day it is bu**ered, you are only £30 down. That is how I started. Later I bought o…
  • Thanks. That was taken back when I was into photography. Still have the cameras, just don't have the inclination.
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • Only difference between the two guitars is the truss rod cover. This one says Les Paul Custom, mine just says Gibson. Mine is a Samick 2002. This one is Un Sung 2005.
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • What a disappointment. Checked nut relief and it was a little low, but once I set the string height (bridge and fittings had been removed for cleaning), it was spot on. Neck relief was where I would have set it. I raised the pickups slightly then ha…
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • I've tried both and I would say that any difference is minimal. A well set up Epi is far nicer to play than a shop bought Gibson.
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • I also have one of my own. But I'll still enjoy playing it. Here's mine,
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • That's the easy bit done. The strings are on. I'll let it sit for a couple of days before I carry on with the set up, to let the neck settle. I am not sure how long it has been sitting without strings.
    in Epi Les Paul Comment by Jocko March 2019
  • It sounded and played great. I would probably have kept it but it was Liam's graduation from Uni, and I wanted to give him a gift that would last. So I gave him my hand built guitar.
  • Yes. I gave it away because I was never using it. It was built for form rather than function. My grandson has it now and loves it. As does all his guitar playing buddies. If he wants a natural finish I'll strongly suggest he goes for Tru-oil. If he …
  • Guitarbodies gives you a choice of edge radius and contouring. My Tele body, used for my Tru-squire, had a tummy tuck contour specified, both top and bottom.
  • Although I used grain filler on all my previous builds. I quite like the open grain effect on this guitar. I was also thinking a two colour body may be the way to go. Getting way ahead of myself though. It is the grandson's guitar and his choi…
  • Neither of us are woodworkers, or have the tools, so we will start with a body and a neck. I have offered him a number of options to pick from, such as choice of wood, pick guard or not, hardware finish and electrics. He fancies a Tele, as he has mo…