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Brian Lurcher


Brian Lurcher
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  • Megi, that bird's eye maple looks the business. Would sit very well with the body.
  • Nice project as you say. Bet you end up including a power supply to each pedal from the switch block.
  • Shame to cover that lovely wood with a dirty great bit of plastic.One thing you'll find with Walnut: It is a moody wood. Sometimes it will sound just right and other times you really have to work at it to get anything nice at all. So yes, I'm intere…
  • Sorry guys, I missed the replies on this new format. I have done a couple of recordings with the Ellis but rough and heavily distorted (80s style) so they don't show its best qualities. that works)
  • The single biggest thing to look for in a 12 is the nut width. It will be bigger than a standard 6 string so you have a reasonable chance of hitting the chords right. If its an electro acoustic you are looking for, then Richard's offer of the Crafte…
  • 1950. Are you kidding? What would I do with a Broadcaster? I suppose I'd have to settle for a Gibson ES-175.
  • Very different instruments. I'm not impressed by the Epi LP models I have tried, but I think we get UK rejects over here in Ireland. I'm not a Strat lover although I did once own a pre-CBS one. Never got a sound I liked from it. When I switched to L…
  • Yes to Burny and the mid-to-better Tokai range. Don't forget the top end of the Cort CR models will be of similar build quality but like the others will benefit from upgraded pickups (unless you have the Seymour Duncan equipped model). I've not seen…
  • It works for me but I'm thinking about it on a Gibson scale neck with fairly light strings (9s). I wouldn't try it on an acoustic and my only longer scale guitar has a Floyd anyway. At least its not a commonly used trick. I can never get my head aro…
  • Had to laugh at the way Justin explains it all so well and then, at speed, he simply shakes the guitar. I tend to use the violinists method of a vibrato by moving the pressure forward and back (not side to side) as it gives a fuller up and down pitc…
  • First impressions here are that it is a pretty site, well thought-out and slick. My old eyes are struggling a bit with the brown text but I'll get used to it. Similarly, checking through recent posts came as a bit different, being post-based rather …
  • Les Paul was a jazz guitarist. He always used the Customs before his recording special was created. To get a great jazz sound, look for low wound A4 pickups. They have that little more bite and clarity that the usual A2s but not as much as the more …
  • I like the locking tuners I have on my SG. They certainly won't cure all tuning problems but they help a little. Reason: There is very little string wound on the peg so less to stretch in. If the problem is confined to times when you change/drop the…