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  • Popped in to update this thread with my latest details. Specialist in helping frustrated guitarists of *all* levels. Progress guaranteed *every* lesson! The PSGT site linked copiously above is no more. See my signature for current links.
  • All the information you need to play a guitar is available for free on the internet these days with one exception .. there is almost nothing on how to improve if you are stuck. This is when a good teacher is worth the money. A good teacher will *m…
  • http://www.examiner.com/article/is-your-low-fat-diet-making-you-fat-and-depressed
  • I'd just call it Em11 .. when you get to 13ths, you can't play all 7 notes on a 6 string guitar anyway, but we still call them 13ths.
  • Try ringing MDM (Mick Dolby Music) in Kenilworth. Not sure if his usual man Rod Coleman is available at the moment, but he may have alternatives to suggest. http://www.mdm-music.info/
  • Try the other hand on the fretboard!
  •  Originally Posted By: Graeme SonexIt seems us guitar buyers don't get a good deal here....any thoughts ? Quick bit of arithmetic on a fair price decent guitar say at £1,000. If you have it for 10 years and play it for an average of 10 hours per we…
  • For years I've never cared about string brand .. the cheaper the better I thought, as I used to bust a lot. I still can't tell the difference from one brand to the next with one exception. I recently bought a dozen top strings (0.10) from Ebay…
  • Hehe, here's a couple of vids from when I first started putting vids on Youtube. They still attract a lot more comments for the faces than the playing! Hotel California http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHi9yfZ6t7U Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?…
  • Oops, read thread title as "BASIL", was looking for some Fawlty Towers chat.
    in BAS Comment by OldSwanner December 2010
  • Warning: don't try it when anyone is *in* the bath. They probably won't enjoy it.
  • To help your Tele hum, or any electric for that matter, chuck it in a bath during playing. Short lived but great while it lasts.
  • Lol, let the truth be told, even if it hurts :-)
  • If you've played for 23 years and don't really know what you're doing you'd better look for a good teacher and listen to him. Note: From my experience with intermediate/advanced players like yourself, you will probably take 2 or 3 lessons in total …
  • I have a Vox 120VT. It sucks as a gigging amp .. doesn't cut through. My 40w valve Fender wipes the floor with the 120w hybrid Vox. At bedroom volume with the Vox set to 2w and power amp on full, my Fender Blues Jr kills it dead for tone with its…
  • Sounds good .. I'd no doubt have to bring the tribe along though (I have manacles for the kids).. maybe a Sunday?
  • I haven't bought a new bit of kit in 6 years barring revalves & refrets. Kids have seen to that :-). But I'll bet one of these would work well in lessons. You've got me twitching old boy .. not felt the GAS rumble in years. You still take tr…
  • Wow ... just wow .. The Satriani number was damned good but the Vai number is mindblowing. A joyous and highly emotional performance from a 10 year old Guitar Goddess!!
  • For a central focus to your improvement, how about a blast at my old favourite? http://www.psgt.co.uk/technique.html
  •  Originally Posted By: JockoI have difficulty playing a written pattern as against what comes into my head. The good news is that so does everybody else :-) The written pattern is a new piece of "rhythmic vocabulary", and until you've learned it a…
  •  Originally Posted By: JockoHad another lesson on Monday evening. I am certainly getting my money’s worth with my tutor, John. Once again I got a full hour for my half hours dibs. I hope your tutor is as pleased about this as you.  Originally Poste…
  • Through the PA and back on himself through a monitor is the usual setup, if your desk offers multiple monitor mixes. Otherwise it has to be (as sticky says) getting his amp pointing directly at his head.
  • Plain and simple .. do *not* do anything that hurts repeatedly, or it is likely you could cause permanent damage. You need to find a way to investigate gently and smoothly up to the point of pain but not into or beyond. Learn what it is that cause…
  •  Originally Posted By: Richard - Richards Guitars He certainly lived [sic livened?] up my wedding day with his band 10 years ago! Can still remember it well .. best version of Agadoo we ever mustered!!
  • Cool .. should make an interesting project with a top notch final product! Ok my first 2 suggestions ... 1) Do another video of Sunday Morning (I like that one) in which you strum only on the first beat of each bar ie. keep the guitar part as simp…
  • Sounds pretty darned good to me overall and *great* in places (when the harmonies kick in). If you're looking to improve, I'd focus on separating your vocals from the guitar playing more. For example in the verse for Sunday Morning you sing each s…
  • The juice man from Del Monte .. he say .. YES!!! Like it a lot .. eminently listenable!
  • Well, before comments were removed, there were many slating Yepes for playing too fast. I always liked it however ... certainly the fastest version I've seen. There are also a few glitches in his version indicating that he's playing at his absolu…
  •  Originally Posted By: TinyghostHey Oldswanner, thanks for the debate. Hehe, most welcome, I can never resist a good debate on a subject close to my heart, as English Bob will testify. Food for thought ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLHR8zaEs…
  • Your response is very vague. To discuss at the level you wish to, perhaps you could provide examples... maybe a classical piece played separately by two masters, one version of which is clearly more "musical".