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  • I would not class it as a gimmick. It is wonderful if, like me, you fancy playing guitar in the middle of the night or early in the morning or if you don't want to annoy somebody within earshot. It is great to listen to yourself play through headpho…
  • I thought some of you would like to hear what I have to say about the Taylor GS Mini now that I have had it for a few months. Here it is: This guitar is loud. The spruce top really makes it ping. Nice highs and mids. Of course the bass is never goi…
  • Well, I bought a Taylor GS Mini. For what I want now I think it fits the bill. I REALLY like the look of Faith guitars though and will definitely keep them in mind for my next purchase. Thanks for all the advice, even if I did eventually go with my …
  • I watched those two videos from that luthier. He seems to be in a minority when it comes to Taylor. I am more and more attracted to Faith guitars but I have found a great uke I would like to buy so the guitar will have to wait until Christmas at lea…
  • Faith really do seem to have a devoted fan base. I was watching a Jupiter Natural on ebay that just finished for £300. I forgot to bid so I'm very annoyed with myself. The search continues. By the way I am very happy with the Cort Earth Mini. No, i…
  • Just bought a Cort Earth Mini off ebay for the time being. I will still be looking for a proper, long-serving guitar though. Classical guitars are all basically the same shape. Obviously size will affect volume. Bigger body = more volume. Having a …
  • Faith guitars look lovely. Sound is good too from what I can gather. Playability? I wish I could get my hands on one.
  • Thanks again for the replies. I really like the look of those Faith guitars. The junmbos in particular are holding my interest. Steelarts, your post about Taylor's GS Mini and Faith guitars was particularly helpful. Name does not necessarily equal q…
  • Thankyou guys. I appreciate your responses. I am not the type of person who rushes into a purchase. Each of my 20+ instruments was bought after a lot of thought and soul searching and I want this guitar to be the same. I have started to look at the …