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  • I have Xotic and I never has problem with it. I can recommend also Wampler Ego https://www.sweetwater…
  • I can recommend You Xotic SP or Wampler Ego. I have Xotic and it's works great. https://www.sweetwate…
  • If You need something small and good, You should check these https://www.s…
  • Thanks I'll check on H2N
    in Recorder Comment by waylon April 2018
  • Tubescreamer should do the work. Eventually Marshall bluesbreaker (+TS). Look here https://ww…
  • I found nice takamine But for this price You can buy Martin
  • This one is great for start with loopers Try also Boss RC3
    in looper pedal Comment by waylon June 2017
  • I use this set And I can highly recommend for jazz tones. Check also D'addario
  • This one is simple and great But You should also consider this one
  • try this set +
  • This Lag is stunning Or try good old seagull
  • i found nice and cheaper Lag and Guild
  • I can highly recommend theese two
  • This is my favourite If you want something cheaper, try this one I don't know why, bt my behringer UCG102 don't work with my P…
  • For acoustic guitar I can recommend theese two
  • Harley Benton is one of this cheap, amazing brands. Look at this beuty Also Jay Turser and SX make grat guitars. This is stunning…
  • EHX is a great choice. I can recommend You also one of theese two
    in Auto-wah Comment by waylon December 2016
  • Gibson is very overpriced in my opinion. I prefer much cheaper epi, like one of theese
    in Trade Comment by waylon December 2016
  • You can always try new pedals. Try something cheap and small at first. Like this Here you have great list of mooer pedals…
  • I think this Fender can do the job But I can recommend You also this one
  • I fall in love with theese recorders since i foung this I have Zoom H4n and i can recommend this for everyone who play acoustic guitars. Theese are also great…
  • If You want something warmer, you shoud cher theese sets And my all time favourite
  • I like hybryd amps like this vox But if i must choose, then i choose valve amps. Especially this one
  • This is the best looking (and sounding of course) resonator i know But this one is interesting too
  • I love mooer since i bought this reverb And this fuzz works amazing on my LP with bridge pickup
  • This Hofner looks amazing, but it's way too expensive. I recommend you one of theese guitars http://www.swee**** http://www.swee****
  • That was my first guitar http://www.swee**** It was ok for begining, but i don't like neck of this guitar. Three weeks ago i bought this cheap beauty It's great for…