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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • Just realised I didn’t explain.... What happened to the finish was the clear coat reacted with the colour and created a nasty bubbly effect. I stripped it down to refinish, But the brown on the back never came out the same. Rather than risk spray…
  • Well, I didn’t expect this. I couple of weeks ago I was having trouble with the tuning on this guitar and noticed that the trem posts were leaning forward. That’s not good. I looked into what could be done and figured a little epoxy and redrilli…
  • Canterbury! They must be oozing very cool seventies music in that case! What a great story. I really ought to check them out. March looking dire, hey? Does that mean you’re getting money for nothing?
  • It does sound manic, as Les pointed out, but I bet it’s nice to be in demand! Sounds like a a couple fo fun evenings, especially when the mrs can come along too. Nice! I’m not familiar with Atkin. How does your compare with Martin? Well done on f…
  • Congrats! It looks like your patience paid off. Lovely playing too. I saw Jim Mullen a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the show. He’s such a melodic player and great story teller.
  • That’s going to be a real eye catcher! And a one of a kind, too. Very cool!
  • Haha! You mean washing your hair? You skip the conditioner, don’t you? I knew it.....
  • Thanks Kevin And thanks Lester. That’s a great way of looking at it. I’m doing my best. Finding time is always a struggle, but I have lots of ideas and just want to get them out. Thanks for taking the time, chaps Of all the things you coul…
  • Well thanks for the temptation, Megi haha! I love the antique burst. Clean tones are generally speaking sorely missing in many demos, and I find I have to look hard to find anyone playing jazz type things on a guitar I’m interested in, so to find th…
  • As part of the ongoing tour, or plan for life, I’ve recorded an EP of sorts. It does feature the .strandberg* shown here quite a bit, as well as my Rickenbacker 360 and a couple of my home builds. Stylistically, it’s a bit prog, bit rock, bit shoe…
  • What a great write up. Music might not be my thing, but your review definitely was!
  • Given Curleigh’s history of benevolence, I can’t believe that he didn’t do the best he could. Economics isn’t always doing what other people think is the right thing. I think he’s in a very thought position and did what he had to. But I wish I’d …
  • Gibson defend themselves by saying that they are conscientious in their charitable work so this isn’t some kind of thoughtless task. However, I can’t help thinking that SOMEONE could have used the the guitars. Still horrible.
  • When they start calling "Yeah, Kevin can play guitar, give us a tune Kevin, come on Kevin." I usually just say “My names Nick.” It doesn’t get me out of it, though, so I have to think of something. Today my wife asked me to play something so I s…
  • Great answer Lester. How about something more practical than learning scales and tunes that you don’t want to learn? I’m thinking along the lines of a guide to playing in a band. The strapline could be that it would get you learning what you need …
  • I forgot about this post, so here's one more thing. Capacitors aren't in the signal chain, they just dump your excess pixies down the toilet, you can't hear them scream! Brilliant ! Have to remember that one!
  • Great job, Lester. I'd be nervous about having to repair the pickup but I suppose you get that with any internal setup. Just me. It wouldn't take much to calm my fears and I'd do the same. I love the idea of a thinner acoustic! That pedal board is …
  • Welcome back, Lester. It’s so good to hear that you’re on the mend and doing so much better. Congrats!
  • If you don’t take the real estate, the singer will! Actually, I have a board that’s over a meter long and I worry if it’s too big. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. That wedding sounds like fun. And it sounds like you were well pre…
  • /non-guitar related content/ I had no idea that forwent is the past tense of forgo. You learn something new every day! Back to normal... how often do you need a quick setup setup? Is it the kind of thing people ought to have available?
  • The naked Faith models sound amazing. Not as cheap as Vintage though, but still great value for money at around £300. Has anyone here tried Harley Benton acoustics? Their electrics have such great reviews, I’m curious how their other lines measur…
  • I once went through just about everything on the market at various stores and came to the conclusion that Taylors are it. For me, at least. They beat out Martin, Larivee and everything else. I should give Sigma another try. I do also love Faith…
  • It sounds like you’ve got most things covered, including a boost which would have been my first recommendation. How about a uni vibe or tremolo pedal of some kind for a washy SRV feel? Or a wah, if you fancy a bit of Hendrix?
  • Haha, none of us are as good as we’d like to be
  • Cool! I bet it sounds great thru that Victory.
  • Wow! That is pretty!
  • So sorry to hear Lester but thanks for sharing. Prayers with you and yours. Let’s hope for a speedy resolve
  • Oh yes, I’ve heard they are very good. Oh well!
  • Nice tuners! What brand are they?